Andrew Thompson

Hello, I’m Andrew, Front End Web Developer from Toronto Canada!

The Web has always been my passion and I live for the opportunity to work with people who share the same love for the internet and technology. I’m a Front End Developer, and a graduate of HackerYou‘s full-time front-end web development immersive in Toronto where I’ve built strong knowledge of the latest industry standards and best practices.

Lately, I’ve been completely enamored with JavaScript. I love the concept of dependency injection, and breaking your code into reusable, modular pieces that serve clear purposes.

When I’m not coding, you will probably find me at my local pizza shop, romancing a Hawaiian slice and catching up on some anime.

My Skills

My Portfolio

Match a Munchie, an Angular Memory game.

Angular 4.0.1 Memory Game

While battling my daily cravings for fine baked goods, I was having a hard time coming up with an idea for a project to showcase some of my Angular skills, and then it hit me.


Match a Munchie is an dessert themed memory game built with Angular. It employs a couple of services that retrieve the cards, calculate scores, and starts, stops, and resets the game clock. I also learned a nifty algorithm called the Fisher Yates Shuffle which I will always keep in my bag of JS tricks.


Bon appétit!

Technologies Used:


Angular 4.0.1





Client API Project

Agency API Project

In this group project, my team and I were given a client scenario, mimicking the agency environment. Using the Petfinder api, we successfully built a web app that would allow the user to find dogs in their local shelter. We were also able to successfully integrate filter functionality to allow the user to find dogs based on age, size, and gender.


This project gave us some serious feels. Just sayin’.


Built with Joy Liu and Ranjan Subbiah.


Technologies Used:




A fun quiz made using Jquery

JQuery Interactive Quiz

Spark6ix  date generator was a silly idea between friends, that we were able to solidify into a robust interactive quiz. This quiz takes the users selections and compares them with over 30 date ideas local to Toronto. This group project uses a myriad of tools in the JQuery library, and is really what peaked my interest in interactive web development.


Built with Jackie Evershed and Fiona Huang

Technologies Used:






Latest Blog Posts

5 Of The Latest Web Design Trends That I Love

  • Design//
  • July 10, 2016//
  • Posted By Andrew

There’s something refreshing about a well-designed website — especially if they incorporate some of the industry’s latest design trends.

Long-gone are the days of beveled text (*gags*), rainbow color schemes (unless it’s a double rainbow), and corny windows 95 looking clip art (why….just why?).


"Websites should look good from the inside and out."

Paul Cookson

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